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book write-up n → Büchersendung file; to ship some thing by book → etw als Büchersendung schicken; book is … → Büchersendungen sind …

It is approximated that in the city of Rome at the conclusion of the third century there were all over 30 public libraries. Community libraries also existed in other metropolitan areas of the ancient Mediterranean region (one example is, Library of Alexandria).[32] Later on, in the Middle Ages, monasteries and universities experienced also libraries which could be obtainable to normal community. Ordinarily not the whole assortment was available to general public, the books couldn't be borrowed and infrequently ended up chained to reading through stands to circumvent theft.

playbook - a book containing the scripts of one or more spectacular plays; "the 1963 playbook leaves out The complete 1st scene"

a individual who reads quite a bit. boekwurm دودَةُ كُتُب ، مولَعٌ بالقِراءه книжен плъх rato de biblioteca knihomol der Bücherwurm bogorm βιβλιοφάγος (μτφ.) ratón de biblioteca raamatukoi کسی که دائماً کتاب می خواند lukutoukka rat de bibliothèque תוֹלָעָת סְפָרִים किताबी कीड़ा knjiški moljac könyvmoly kutu buku bókaormur topo di biblioteca 本の虫 책벌레 knygų graužikas grāmatu tārps ulat buku boekenwurmbokorm, lesehest mól książkowy هغه څوک چی تل کتاب لولی rato de biblioteca şoarece de bibliotecă книжный червь knihomoľ knjižni molj knjiški moljac bokmal หนอนหนังสือ kitap kurdu 書呆子,書蟲,極愛看書的人 книжковий черв'як, бібліоман کتابی کیڑا mọt sách 书呆子,蛀书虫

Jonathan Waldman’s book “SAM” explores the likely of automating masonry, plus the genuine believers who did their most effective to make it materialize.

It is not tanned, and is also Therefore different from leather-based. This causes it to be far more appropriate for crafting on, but leaves it quite reactive to alterations in relative humidity and makes it revert to rawhide if overly wet.

one. Of or associated with awareness uncovered from books in lieu of actual encounter: has book smarts but not Road smarts.

product or service, creation - an artifact that has been designed by a person or some process; "they increase their products each year"; "they export most in their agricultural manufacturing"

"All very good books are alike in that they are truer than if they'd genuinely occurred" [Ernest Hemingway]

Early printed books, solitary sheets and pictures which here ended up made ahead of 1501 in Europe are known as incunables or incunabula. "A person born in 1453, the 12 months of the autumn of Constantinople, could seem back again from his fiftieth calendar year on a life time where about 8 million books had been printed, additional Probably than all the scribes of Europe experienced manufactured considering that Constantine Launched his town in Advert 330."[25] 19th century to 21st centuries

will make very good utilization of black and white images, incorporates a valuable appendix on methodology and a very good bibliography. From Cambridge English Corpus  

high-quality, ticket - difficulty a ticket or simply a wonderful to being a penalty; "I used to be fined for parking on the incorrect aspect of the road"; "Move your car or else you'll be ticketed!"

many sheets of blank or dominated paper sure alongside one another for creating, recording business enterprise transactions, etc.

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